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the Adventures of Rice


As you all may or may not know, I work at Pressed Juicery. As an employee I am required to do a three (3) day cleanse and a five (5) day cleanse so that I can explain to our customers how our cleanses work and how they may feel while doing our cleanses from personal experience.

There are three (3) different cleanses:

•One (1) is for those who have never cleansed before. It includes two (2) green juices, two (2) root juices, and one (1) citrus juice.

•Two (2) is a little more challenging because, there’s less natural sugars but may not be difficult if you don’t consume a lot of sugar in your everyday diet. It includes two (2) green juices, two (2) citrus juices, and one (1) root juice.

•Three (3) is recommended for those who are “experienced” cleansers. It includes four (4) green juices, and one (1) citrus juice.

*all cleanses also include an almond milk for dinner, a chlorophyll water, and an aloe vera water.

The purpose of the cleanse is to give your digestive system a break and to also pretty much reset your eating habits. While cleansing it is recommended that you don’t consume any solid foods. it’s also recommended to do yoga or go for a light jog to keep your circulation going. I’m really excited about this because, I’m going to be getting rid of all of the nasty foods I’ve been feeding my body, I may loose some weight, and I’m gonna be saving some money.

This is all going to happen sometime this month. I’m going to keep you posted with a daily journal entry as to how it goes once it begins.

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